Natural Stone

Enhance Your Home with Natural Stone

Okanagan RockWorld carries many different types of natural stone. We have so many kinds that we have dedicated more than an acre of our yard to our natural stone product lines, including from industry-trusted Natural Stone Veneer, Pacific Art Stone, Olde Colonial  and Elementz Natural Stone!


We consistently carry a large assortment of flagstone. Flagstone’s most common use is in the construction of outdoor patios. It is also commonly used for flooring, veneers, ponds and waterfalls. The majority of our flagstone is flat and comes in pieces that are graded 1″ minus, 1″ to 2″, 2″ to 3” and 3″ to 5″ thick. We have a wide range of colours, including blue, black, purple, yellow and gold. Come pick through our pallets and find the piece that best suits your needs. All of the flagstone we carry is quarried from across North America and shows the range of beautiful, natural stones from across the continent.

Natural Stacked Stone

Okanagan RockWorld imports some stacked stone directly from China. This natural stone has been crafted into panels, which makes installation easy. This stone comes in many different colours. The panels are all the same height, so there is no fuss during installation. There are also corner pieces which eliminate the stress of mitering a perfect corner.











One of the most unique types of rock that Okanagan RockWorld carries is columnar basalt. These are rock formations that are the result of flowing lava that has cooled quickly. Most often, these stones have six sides and appear almost manmade. These rock formations make an excellent feature piece. Brought in from the Coast Mountains of the Pacific North West, these stones have a colour range of muted taupe to weathered grey. They come in plenty of sizes, with diameter ranging from 16″ to 26″ and a height of 4′ to 10′. We also sell them with the middle cored out for an unusual and attractive water feature.

Feature Stone

We have a selection of feature rocks that may be just what you need to add that something special to your space. Come on down and check out what we have to suit your feature rock needs.