Pavers & Walls

Create a Sense of Elegance with Pavers

Pavers are not only an attractive way to add value and beauty to your home, they also offer you a low maintenance method of enhancing the value of your property. Coming in a variety of styles, colours and patterns, pavers are an elegant yet practical way to enhance your outdoor living space.

From stairs and patios to borders for a garden feature, pavers have many different uses and the design possibilities are virtually unlimited. All of our lines boast manufacturing standards that meet or exceed strict American Society for Testing and Materials standards and Canadian Standards Association standards.

There are a variety of different colours and styles available, so come and check out our sample boards. We carry a wide range of accompanying products for pavers, including brickstop edging, beast edging, paver lights, jointing sand, sealants and cleaners.

We offer a range of different materials:

Retaining and Garden Walls

Basalite® Retaining Wall Systems: The first name in retaining walls. As a gravity wall system, the Basalite® wall system provides the stability and weight to resist applied earth pressures, is aesthetically appealing and offers a wide variety of products with different shapes, face textures and colours. Whether it is an engineered wall that is a tall and critical structure or a wall that is smaller in height, but still requires the superior construction and strength, we would be pleased to assist you in both. If installation is required, we have an experienced, trained crew to get it done. If you decide to tackle it on your own, we will guide you through the process to ensure it is done properly.

For smaller garden walls, we carry a variety of blocks. They come in different colours, styles and sizes to compliment any landscaping project. Various displays are available for viewing at our showroom.